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Dispute Resolution Services, Inc.   Specialists in Mediation
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Dispute Resolution Project, Springfield

Since 1983

Dispute Resolution Services, Inc. (DRS) has been providing mediation services to the communities and courts of Western Massachusetts. One of the largest non-profit alternative Dispute Resolution centers in the state, DRS has resolved thousands of disputes through mediation and trained hundreds of individuals to mediate successfully.

The non-profit (501c3) organization is led by a diverse Board of Directors consisting of six individuals, all of whom reside in the Springfield area. Mediation services are provided by 61 trained and certified Volunteer Mediators. Of this group, DRS is served by a pool of 38 certified pro-bono, attorney-mediators who actively participate in case management, referral and actual mediation services. The training and referral support of this group of pro-bono, attorney-mediators has been developed and supported through previous IOLTA grants. With its strong referral relationship with area local governments, courts and its violence prevention programs in the Springfield Public Schools, DRS serves a demographically diverse group of clients.

Dispute Resolution Services, Inc.
115 State Street
P.O. Box 30023
Springfield, MA 01103

Tel: (413) 787-6480
Fax: (413) 788-9685

Dispute Resolution Services, Inc.
115 State Street, Springfield, Massachusetts 413-787-6480
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